Collecting Memories. Learning Life’s Lessons.

Everyday we are witness to countless experiences and events that are happening all around us. Some – seemingly small and insignificant. Others – obviously register BIG on the world,’s richter scale. Most, although noticed, don’t seem to find a place of prominence in our personal store of vivid memories. And then, there are those few that seem to embed boldly in the recesses of our mind. They hit the replay button often and at unexpected times throughout our lives. In some instances these memories represent minor and major course corrections in how we live our lives. In other instances they represent changes that redefine the world around us, while changing the course of history.

Too often, we are so busy with what we’ve allowed to overcrowd our lives that we’ve left no room to collect memories – whether they be great or small. I encourage all who read these words to clean out the clutter in your life. Learn to say no to the unnecessary so that there is more than ample room to collect memories. You’ll find that within the reflection of these memories life’s greatest lessons are learned. It is in the pondering and meditation of these memories that wisdom is gleaned. If we will allow it, it is in these memories that character and integrity can be formed.